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RMT, Craniosacral Specialist
Owner, HealingSpace

I am a Registered Massage Therapist and Craniosacral Specialist. I use a collection of integrated healing techniques that provide holistic support to the mind, body, and spirit. 


During our sessions together, I use gentle touch to gather information about how your unique body works.  Together, we evaluate the sources of pain and imbalance, as well as held emotions and stress in your tissues.  This information is used to find ways to alleviate tension, change problematic movement, or even address where old experiences are held in our bodies. 


This gentle approach is effective for many symptoms and conditions - mostly because it is gentle and educated about how trauma is held in the body. It helps to calm anxiety, reduce pain, and lower stress.


Do you have a curiosity about how your layers are connected, supported, and integrated? I would be honoured to explore this with you in a session. Contact me below for appointment details.

Focus of Treatment

Craniosacral Therapy, Registered Massage Therapy, Intuitive Energy Healing

I have been a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) for over 25 years and specialize in Craniosacral Therapy. Broadly, the conditions I help treat fall into a few general categories:

  • Nervous System concerns anxiety, TMJ dysfunction, concussion/traumatic brain injury.

  • Fertility, Pregnancy and Infant care conception, pregnancy and birth.  Colic, and breastfeeding support 

  • Injury, Trauma, and Transition support 

  • Mental Health and Stress support 


Contact Me

Important update regarding booking:

I am excited to announce that I am relocating my practice and will share the new location soon. Please stay tuned for updates on my website regarding the new address and opening date. I appreciate your continued support and look forward to welcoming you at the new clinic. 

If you wish to reach me for future bookings or other inquiries, feel free to email me at

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